Alexandra Lukinicheva

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Hooked App UX/UI Design

Hooked App is a mobile app idea for the Code Berkeley's UX/UI showcase. The wireframe is created using Sketch. See our group presentation to learn more about the process and UX/UI research. View Presentation »


MMART Social Network

This project is created using Angular.js, Bootstrap, font-awesome and my own database of Multimedia Art Students. It collects and displays students' information, and links to their social media. The goal of the project is to make it easier for the students to connect and collaborate with each other. Open »

Open Weather API Widget

This project is created using jQuery JavaScript framework and Open Weather API. It takes in user imput and displays current weather conditions in the selected city. View on Codepen »

Skull 3D Audio Visualization gif

Web Audio Visualizer

This project is created using WebGL, Three.js, and Web Audio API. JS frameworks allow to create and render 3D graphics in the browser. While Web Audio API collects the data from audio and uses it to transform the 3D visualization. Open »


NASA Space Apps Newsletter

This is HTML and CSS newsletter design for NASA Space Apps. One of many custom Mailchimp newsletters created by Alexandra for CodeBerkeley. View on Codepen »

CSS Cubes Animation Gif

Interactive CSS3 Animation

This project is an experiment with CSS3 animation. It creates interactive animation of pseudo 3D cubes. Open »

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