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Learn to Lift

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Learn to Lift

Learn to Lift

Learn the major barbell lifts of the squat, press, bench press, and deadlift to build a foundation of strength.

By training just these few whole body movements and gradually adding weight, most individuals can triple their strength in mere months.

Learn to lift, and begin your strength journey.

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Strength Classes

Strength Classes

Barbell training can be pursued independently.

But it invariably proceeds more quickly, effectively, and with fewer missteps when done under the guidance of a trained coach.

Intended for individuals on their novice linear progression, the Novice Lifter Group Class offers you the chance to be coached every time you train.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

There is no substitute for one-on-one private coaching.

In personal training sessions, the coach can devote full attention to one person, giving a thorough critique of lifting technique.

The one-on-one nature of personal training sessions means ample time to answer technique, nutrition, and programming questions.

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Jeremy is great to work with as a trainer and I highly recommend working with him to help you to quickly advance your fitness goals. I worked with him recently to push myself from my plateau regarding my deadlift and my squats and he provided helpful advice, pushed just enough and was very encouraging.


Jeremy is knowledgeable in lifting and has a great attitude. He provides customized feedback that is immensely beneficial for any beginner lifter wanting to create a solid foundation for their technique. Jeremy clearly points out areas of improvement on your form and works with you during your session until he sees progress, which is so valuable since he is catching potential bad habits before they develop.

I definitely recommend Jeremy if you want a comprehensive, approachable, and fun introduction to lifting!


Jeremy is a friendly and supportive trainer. I was initially intimidated to lift, but his detailed instructions and positive feedback make lifting fun and challenging. What I like best is that he pushes me to add more weights even when I think I can't.

Training with Jeremy has made me feel accomplished, stronger, and eager to reach my strength goals.


I drove just shy of 100 miles to meet Jeremy for a personal training session. It was well worth the time and money. He was able to notice and correct my form flaws, and provide correction in a way that helped immediately.

Jeremy is very professional, he knows his craft and is capable of teaching in a way that even I could grasp. He is personable, sincere and really wants to make you better. He never once made me feel rushed for time, he wanted me to leave with the confidence that I knew the lifts properly.


Are you strong enough?

Barbell training exercises like the deadlift build a strong back.

Strength is, quite simply, the most important thing you can build.

Self-confidence can measurably improve. Everyday tasks become easier. The boost to your immune system helps protect you against disease and illness – both now and later in life. Many chronic pains fade away.

For athletes, building strength can take your performance to a qualitatively higher level. In competition you will become more powerful, more explosive. Read more about strength and athletics.

Committing to a serious, sustained strength program is one of the best decisions you can make for good health and longevity.

Barbell Training: The best strength builder

There are many tools and training methods you can use to increase your strength, but none matches the barbell.

Barbell exercises place the entire human body under a load, creating a training stress and adaptation that is without rival.

There is no machine exercise that can match the strength training impact of the barbell back squat.

And the barbell is for everyone. It can be loaded at very light weights, so that everyone can start training with a resistance they can handle, and then be increased in appropriate increments.

Starting Strength

Starting Strength is a comprehensive approach to using barbell training to dramatically improve one’s strength.

The book of the same name is widely recognized as the authority on the barbell lifts, is the #1 selling book on sports training on Amazon, and has been written about by the New York Times.

By using a few whole body movement patterns and gradually increasing the resistance involved, barbell training strengthens the entire human body. Not only does the trainee gain increased muscle mass and strength; bones become thicker and less brittle, flexibility improves, the heart becomes stronger, and all athletic attributes are improved.

The lifting techniques elaborated in Starting Strength are based on mechanics and human anatomy and physiology. And the linear progression of the program means that compared to any other training approach, you will make the greatest possible strength gains in the least amount of time.

About Bay Strength

Bay Strength is the coaching practice of Jeremy Tully, a Starting Strength Coach and personal trainer in Oakland, California. Jeremy coaches clients of all backgrounds on the basic barbell lifts. Whether you want to be stronger for improved health and everyday life or for athletic performance, Jeremy is specially qualified to help you.

Jeremy coaches at Game Changer Fitness, an award winning gym in Temescal in Oakland. The gym is located at 5427 Telegraph Ave., Unit W-1, just off Route 24, making it easily accessible to people throughout the Bay Area.

Jeremy is available during the week and on Saturdays by appointment. He specializes in introducing people to the Starting Strength program and in 1 on 1 and small group private coaching. To contact him, use the Request a Consult form below.

Starting Strength Coach Jeremy Tully is a personal trainer in Oakland, CA

Starting Strength Coach

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