[10.17 - 01.18] - Seasonal Design Associate @Minted | Oakland, CA.
Working with Salesforce, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom.
Editing customized stationery designs based on the customers’ needs and wants.
Ensuring best print quality and providing service recovery when needed.

[01.16 - 06.17] - Social Media Intern / Graphic Designer @Code Berkeley | Berkeley, CA.
Creating marketing assets (design, photos and videos).
Managing social media outlets for the best engagement and impact.
Creating MailChimp newsletters using HTML & CSS and maintaining subscription lists.

[01.12 - present] - Freelance Graphic and Web Designer | NYC and California.
Creating design for print - business cards, flyers, posters.
Creating web graphics - web safe images, photos and videos.
Editing websites - wireframe design, UX/UI, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress.

[01/11 - 01/12] - Graphic Design @Colibri Advertising Company | Belorechensk, Russia.
Graphic design for print - postcards, calendars, billboards, posters, flyers and business cards.


Mobile and Web development classes and work experience provided a solid foundation in:

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