The Worst hello Kitty Website Ever

Web Site Main Ingredients:

1. The Rudgwick Steam Show’s website describes it as, “Great British Engineering At Its Best,” but in all truth judging by the website, I still can’t tell what The Rudwick Steam Show is all about. It appears to be a website for a flea-market, a freakshow, or even an antique show, but is not very specific. The site is very cluttered and there’s flashing text everywhere, so much so that it’s hard to concentrate on the website’s message.

2. www.w3schools is a great website, introduced to me through this class and CIS 105. I like that help is very easy to find help when you need it. I like that the subject matter is on the left side and that they give you a chance to try it. The tabs are awesome because they work.

Pages (HTML)

Style Sheets (CSS)

Computer Code (JavaScript)

Live Data (Files and Databases)