fiona huang

who am i?

With 5+ years experience as the producer assistant, journalist and on camera talent in multimedia field.
I offer exceptional abilities in the area of creating stories while using various media mediums.

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——–SingTao Daily——–south san francisco,ca

Worked as a journalist and reporter for multiple radio and television programs.

—Envision Productions—south san francisco,ca

Assistant Producer
Assisted in the preproduction, shooting and postproduction of commercials and TV shows.

——Shanghai tv station——china

Assistant Producer
Assisted in planning the program in advance and determining the theme of each episode.


Assistant Manager
Carried out film marketing.
Arranged the films schedule to achieve the maximum profit for cinema.

About me

My name’s Fiona Huang. I’m a producer and reporter with a background in cultural industry management.

I grew up in China and came to America a few years ago. When I was in college, I became fascinated with the entertainment industry such as television, movies, radio and music. So I started filming something by myself and worked as an on-camera talent at my school’s TV Station. The creativity, constant challenge and fast paced nature not only sparks my imagination but ignites a passion. These qualities have lead me to purse a career as a producer and reporter.

I have created a wide variety of media projects that range from story boarding, scripting, filming and editing for the last five years. Through several opportunities, I’ve gotten the chance to perform different roles in this field. I’m familiar with operating DSL cameras and editing with Final cut pro and Premiere. I can do voice overs in English and Mandarin, and edit it with Adobe Audition.

I would like to have opportunity to work in a TV station, video production company or radio broadcasting station in the United States. My resume reel shows most of the work I have done in the past 3 years at the Academy of Art University where I have completed a Master’s degree in Multimedia Communications. My website can provide you with more insight into my skills as multimedia professional.

I am a friendly, enthusiastic person who enjoys working within a team. I also work well as an individual while maintaining an organized and creative work flow. With the knowledge gained through the education, opportunities and experiences as well as my determination to reach my full potential, I look forward to having a career I love.


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Academy of Art University

Master of Arts
Multimedia Communications
San Francisco, CA
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Fu Dan University

Bachelor of Arts
Cultural Industries Management
Shanghai, China

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