Why Can't your Dungeons and Dragons Character be a Cat?

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Can your Dungeon Master not Handle the Cat-itude?

cats are purr-fect adventurers

Through the years, cats have developed a variety of techniques for managing the trials, battles and humanoids in their lives. A scant few will reveal their closely guarded secrets, but I promise cats possess never-before-seen skills, deathly spells and cantrips, and several magic items designed specifically for felines by the ancient gods. They can even teach a humanoid or orc a specific trick, such as "come" or "feed me" with just one week of work. And, according to USA Today, cats make the creatures around them happier, healthier and gentler.

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Felines have developed a skill called Handle Humanoid, which allows them to manage the humanoids they keep as servants and pets. To master this you must have a high dexterity roll with a 2d8 bluff modifier. The cat must then spend half that time (at the rate of 3 hours per day per humanoid being handled) teaching the humanoid before you make the skill check. If the check fails, you cannot teach that trick to that humanoid. If the check succeeds, you must invest the remainder of the time required to complete the training. If the time is interrupted or the training is not followed through to completion, any further attempts you make to teach that humanoid the trick automatically fail.

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